ajo meaning in yoruba

They make loans that would be far too risky for any bank because they are able to obtain, interpret, and evaluate information about potential borrowers in ways that traditional banks cannot. We hope this will help you in learning languages. The name is derived from egbe do-do meaning support. The pronunciation of words in Yorùbá language is tonal; where a different pitch conveys a different word meaning or grammatical distinction. Clans solve the problems inherent in these cases by using social capital and interactions to strictly enforce group traditions. I was then made to understand that my father’s name, Obasanjo, was given to appreciate the kindness of Obaluaiye in granting my grandmother a surviving child. Eesuola means the pool that is the reservoir of honour or nobility. Ajo is the new journey for black businesses. Why do such clans succeed? It served the purpose now served by the rafter as forming the superstructure of the roof. English Translation. None of their practices are explicit – even the rate of interest paid by borrowers is left unspecified and implicit. Alternatively, Nigeria could rely on a bureaucratic system of rules and laws to control corporate governance compliance. It is left to the alajo’s discretion whether or not to use a bank account for the collected funds. Such traditions should include integrity, regulatory compliance, transparent reporting, and board independence and sound governance practices. If a whole Professor Soyinka, a master of literature and language can be thus mistaken on the derivation and meaning of his own name, what about we lesser mortals. People wondered and were concerned. safe travel. →Yoruba keyboard to type a text with the special charaters of the Yoruba alphabet. Iganiga, B. O., & Asemota, A. JustinaFranc, this si the message or part of the message that taw sent.....more, Igbo Eke (the rafter) being the superstructure of the roof. Bo means to come back from ajo do-do which means a journey. Oluwusi means kingship has increased, Adebosin means he that came to meet kingship, Osinbajo means the king has returned from a journey. THANK YOU FOR THE EYE OPEN DETAILED INFORMATION. Shadare or Sadare then would mean Obatala has vindicated (me). The answer they came up with was that my father was an abiku (children that are regarded as dying and coming back, reborn through the same parents). Sadeko would mean that an Obatala worshipper has arrived at Eko (Lagos) Sadela would mean Obatala has arrived into wealth. It was assumed that the neglect of Obaluaiye in our family has caused the change in my father’s lifestyle. A. Can you recommend books/articles for those in diaspora that deal with more of this kind of content? It does not refer to aasa tobacco, but to asa the shield. Orishadipe. Maynard (1996[6]) documents the translocation of the Yoruba esusu rotating-credit association in Anglophone Caribbean. Meaning and definitions of journey, translation in Yoruba language for journey with similar and opposite words. Adebayo means he who comes to meet when a thing of joy has just come into the family and Adebola means he who comes to meet when wealth has just come into the family. This may take several forms. Akeredolu re-mi-mi-re-mi means he who reduces himself in order to become a king. Eke (the rafter) being the superstructure of the roof. Principally, it is because they have a fundamental belief that individual interests are best served by a complete immersion of each individual’s interest in the whole. Seriki derived from the Hausa word for king sarkin. English to Yoruba Translation provides the most convenient access to online translation service powered by various machine translation engines. The term refers to the funds collected, not to the contributors themselves (Bascom 1952[5]; see also obshchak in this volume). Olaniyan means nobility has swagger, that is to say noble people have a special way in which they carry themselves, Adedeke or Dedeke re-mi-re-mi means he who comes to become a very important part of the house. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo at page Page 45 of his latest book My Watch gave us an insight into the origin of the names starting with Oba when he stated the origin of his name Obasanjo as follows: “My mother took to enquiring from the gods and seeking a solution from diviners. This is the beginning of a 2600-year Elegbede does not derive from egbe, re-mi (the supposed magical means of teleporting) and is not supposed to be pronounced as Elegbede re-mi-mi-mi as Sunny Ade sang it in one of the records he made for the Erelu of Lagos when he sang “Aya Dehinde mi kaabo, Elegbede, Abiola Fernandez ku eto”. Ope Names like Opeseyi, Opetola etc do not derive from Ope, do-re, palm tree but rather from Ope, do-do, an Ifa divining chain. Esusu and ajo describe means of informal financing, whereby individuals come together to further their individual and collective interests. Those names show that the ancestors of the bearers of the names were worshippers or devotees of the Opa Cult otherwise called Awo Opa, one of the religion cults or secret societies proscribed by the British in colonial days. Mowa dada, Ese And… Igbin Names like Onigbinde, Igbintade etc do not derive from Igbin, do-mi, (snail) but rather from Igbin, re-re ( a drum beaten for the Orisaala worship). Depending on your browser you will need to... Igbo Asa means shield. Eesuola means the pool that is the reservoir of honour or nobility In southern and northern Nigeria, for example, street traders resort to informal means of credit and savings mobilisation because they do not trust most formal microfinance institutions (Oloyede 2008[10]). Make friends, share videos & photos, record pronunciations and listen to the meaning of words in Nigerian languages and English. The decision on how and when the contributor gets the money from the alajo is mutually agreed between the two of them. They said also that when my grand mother came to her wits’ end, desperate to have a surviving child, she sought a child through the deity of smallpox, Obaluaiye. Oloko re-mi-do does not derive from the word oko re-do lorry or canoe and it does not mean the owner of a lorry or the owner of canoe, but it derives from the word oko do-do (spear) and it means the owner, master or lord of the spear.

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