dai trespasser ending choice

However, it was for reasons quite heavily built into his character, decisions, and the general world state - he believed he could help people by keeping it, so he did. A note given you by the inquisition soldier involved in the fracas gives you your next lead. Now climb the ladder and make your way to the final target. How can I Reach the Red Lyrium in Storm Coast? Mages or Templars? At the end of the main game, the Inquisitor was kinda left kicking her heels in Skyhold; 'Trespasser' tells the story of what happened next. There's nothing on the upper level so go downstairs where you'll find a relatively intact room with some reading material: HARD IN HIGHTOWN: CHAPTER ??? This makes a path appear that you can follow to a new Eluvian. There is also a modify weapons bench should you want to fit them right away. Go to the bottom left to read A REMINDER. If you are able to approach them from behind and interact with them, they are "caught" and you will get +2 Dexterity. Make your way up over the rocks to the ladder you came down earlier and see off the inevitable enemy wave: two agents, two spearmen and a defender. The chest in the alcove contains a SUPERB AMULET OF CRITICAL CHAIN. There's only one way forward from here. The "piercing arrows" effect is unexplained but it appears to make normal attacks hit twice. Grizzly End makes bears tougher and makes great bears much tougher. Loot the sack at the back of the area and then attempt to loot the tempting-looking chest. Mostly because she doesn't like Solas and the whole reason for their mutual dislike is because he always greatly disapproves of her never disbanding anything. Take It Slow halves the amount of experience you earn. You can buy Tactician's Renewals at the front desk along with other accessories and rune components. Get accustomed to using it and the harder battles will become somewhat easier. On the top floor you'll find another body to examine and a third spirit to talk to. Exit to the north and head into the building to the west. If you play the main game with Trespasser installed, the expansion adds a number of items and schematics into the game as rewards for completing trials and completing war table operations. "Disbanding" was what happened in that movie so it feels like that's what the game generally favors. You should see that the braziers are lit so have your inquisitor light a torch before it goes out. Read LOGS OF A DARVAARAD GATEKEEPER. Read the MOLDY JOURNAL. Concentrate on the grunts first since they will slaughter you if you simply try to take out Saarath. If a follower has 0 disapproval and they're one of the companions who can leave, a single "greatly disapproves" will have them packing their bags. I've been playing about 12 hours a day because quarantine, and this game has just taken control of my life and now i have no idea what to do with myself. Loot the safe if you like and then check the two large paintings on the walls. During this fight, you may find that spirit warriors help fight the qunari. When replaying, I've noticed that the game seems to "prefer" that you disband the Inquisition. RP-wise I make the choice based on the Inquisitor's character, of course, but I'm curious to hear what the rest of you think on the matter. The GOLD CRAVAT on the left drinking fountain is junk. You only have to fight a few, fortunately, but they're exceedingly tough, able to generate barriers, buff their underlings and inflict massive damage on your party. Trials, which handicap you in various ways, have been added to provide additional challenge. Each time you find one, the picture will update to show the location of the next. Head back down to the bottom and open up the container between the wolf's paws, giving you the BLOODY BARGAIN dagger and the 'Lateral Thinker' trophy. Go into the first room by the campfire, go down the stairs and then through the door by the water's edge. Since toppling both governments and installing a capable leadership isn't an option, keeping it seemed like the best solution. Back in the Sundered Hall, you'll find yourself under assault by two spearmen and four assassins. After they're defeated, you can find TORN NOTEBOOK IN THE DEEP ROADS, SECTION 1 on a bedroll. At the doorway you'll be met by two spearmen. Read SCRAP OF WRITING FROM A BEN-HASSRATH AGENT, which is the final note for the secret ending. Now go behind the top wall to find a flame barrier. On a planter in the main plaza are more WAGER NOTES. When you're done head towards the gate. When it's over, it's just you. Before proceeding, head up the stairs to the Research Tower whose entrance is guarded by a solitary agent. You'll see that a new path has opened up to the right of the Deep Roads Eluvian. In an alcove on the right of the area, you can read THE RISK OF SAAREBAS. Head through the final Eluvian. I, myself, prefer to disband it. On the table in your quarters you'll find EMERGENCY MEASURES. At the bottom, you'll face two spearmen and two defenders. status. This will also grant you the 'Coroner' trophy. Go back across the bridge. Entering the Black City is a huge huge HUGE deal. In the top left of the area you can read AN UNKNOWN AGENT. Installing Trespasser adds a slot to most suits of armour in the game (including the main game) which holds a sigil. You will emerge in the Shrine of the Dread Wolf. Along the path to the north you can read STORMS OF TEMPTATION. I think they call that irony. The challenge level is quite high - not as high as 'Jaws Of Hakkon' but much more difficult than the main game. 1 The Champion 1.1 Mages 1.2 Templars 2 Companions 3 The Finale 4 Bugs Depending on a choice made in The Last Straw, there are two slightly varying conclusions to Dragon Age II. For them, disbanding is probably a good choice. That said, following the walkthrough in this guide will unlock all three. A short away ahead you'll find an Eluvian from which emerge two defenders. Interact with the discharge globe to bridge the gap and go across. Tier 4 materials are very keenly priced as well. A sleeping quarters on the left has a chest with valuables. DA:I General Discussion (Spoilers) Trespasser: To Disband or not to Disband 2 . Use your sonar to locate an EXPENSIVE DOG TREAT then read THE FIRST GRAND ENCHANTER. Nearby, you can read HARD IN HIGHTOWN: CHAPTER 11. Head to the south west corner of the gardens where there's a minigame you can play. Hold your position and switch to another character. I'm of course talking about disbanding or keeping the Inquisition. The sending crystal if perfect, it can send the voice, so the race and face is unimportant. Now head up to the top level on the right of the palace entrance. The war table becomes much more rewarding since many operations that would previously have barely rewarded you at all now come with quite decent rewards, such as powerful weapons and schematics. Your party members have turned blue and won't follow you. Why are you not allowed to abolish the chantry? Head into the passageway and read the ANIMAL HANDLER'S LOGBOOK on a table. Follow the blood up the stairs. There's a little diversion we need to take if we're not to miss a trophy. Have another character press the button on the statue which will cause the tiles to rise so that the veilfire brazier can be accessed. Where should I go after I find skyhold? At the end of the bridge is a supply cache. Without giving too much away, a lot of the enemies in the expansion are resistant to fire AND cold so buy a load of Pure Lightning Essences. Of course, trouble is never far away and you soon discover that the qunari have extremely malign intentions towards the south, using the still working Eluvian mirrors to move personnel and materiel into position to decapitate all the governments of Thedas in a single stroke. Head over to the other side of the room, picking up a TATTERED NOTE from a table along the way. Head into the left Eluvian to find yourself in an area called the Broken Tower. Head through to find yourself immediately in battle with two spearmen and an agent. When they are defeated, go through the wooden structure and up and around to find some rare herbs and read TORN NOTEBOOK IN THE DEEP ROADS, SECTION 3. Plenty are just random Dalish elves in the wrong place at the wrong time, without the skills, knowledge, or drive to keep the Inquisition going past Corypheus' death. Go talk to Varric by the fountains. Read DORIAN AND THE LAST FEW YEARS on the bench on the left. Go up the stairs and open the chest at the top for a SUPERB BELT OF THE INFERNO PACT. Go through to find yourself in the Silent Tower. Turning them will cause a pole that's locking the fortress entrance to retract; continuing to turn it will return the pole to its former position. Take it if you need it and head through. Defenders have tower shields that block attacks from the front and tend to use Charging Bull as an opener which can do massive damage. Who is better to side with? Walk Softly boosts the difficulty of normal enemies by giving them abilities like yours: shield bash, explosive shot, pommel strike and the like. You can also access the loot container which contains the ARROWWOOD bow.

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