deathstroke vs spiderman

Aufgrund seiner immensen Popularität bei den Lesern der Titans-Reihe – der damals meistverkauften Comicreihe der USA – wurde entschieden, dem „Terminator“ unter dem Titel Deathstroke seine eigene Serie zu geben. Gives him clear advantages. When it comes down to it, Spider-Man is one of the toughest heroes around. You can see it in the scan, right as the person opens the door slightly Deathstroke already reacted and kicked the door. Spidey gets tagged whether morals are on or off. Change ), Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Travel to ‘Planet Venom’. Deathstroke's split a bullet with his sword, that's his best speed feat IMHO. Deathstroke: Beyond peak human strength; Beyond peak human movement speed; Beyond peak human combat speed; Beyond peak human reflexes; Superhuman brain activity (9 times faster than perfect human brain activity) Spiderman: Low superhuman strength; Peak human movement speed He bounces around, hitting his opponents, webbing them up, keeping them off balance, and completely unable to guess what he's going to do next. Deathstroke puts together a plan to confront his target on the rooftops of New York City. Swordsmanship coupled with mental ingenuity (90% of his brain allowing him to think three steps ahead) would prove too much for Parker I believe. One was bitten by a radioactive spider, and the other is a product of secret government experimentation. As for quickness and agility, deathstroke is quite fast to but not equal woth spiderman. In der vierten Staffel kehrt Slade schließlich zurück. Deathstroke is probably the greatest mercenary in the DC Universe, using his physical enhancements, unbeatable skills, and unprecedented brainpower to defeat foes he should have no hope against. The first one was the Teen Titans, which some would say isn't that big a deal. This coupled with his tactical abilities I can see being a serious problem for Spiderman's precog since Deathstroke would pick up on this ability faster than any other enemy Peter has faced before and also instantaneously come up with a counter measure for it. @Vezok123: Deathstroke tagged Flash, Flash (even not trying their hardest) are >>>> Spider-man. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. I can say that Spider-Man beats heralds of Galactus without prep too lol, but it isn't really a valid feat. @thewatcherking: I’m just saying they’ve been shown as exploitable. Slade is a superior h2h combatant in terms of skill and is superior marksman and strategical thinker however marksman ship is close to useless against Spidey due to his agility and spidey sense and strategics are very very limited when it comes to on the spot encounters , it's Slade's brilliant strategical mind that allows him to plan and use prep here he has no prep so his mind is limited to what he can think of on the spot and IMO fighting skills are not enough to defeat an opponent who so vastly dominates you physically. His aura increases the durability of anything he wants to lend it to, like his clothes, shoes, etc. But Deathstroke has never had an opportunity to go one-on-one with Spider-Man. On top of that, for years he's also helped all kinds of other heroes with their villains and worked with teams like the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men. If one of DC's greatest mercenaries, Deathstroke, and Marvel's best heroes, Spider-Man clashed, it would be one intense battle. Jeez man, did you even look at them or are folks just wasting their time? @blitzsikes said:@rr79: most powerful person deathstroke beat with prep? One of the best there is and ever was, in my humble opinion. Der Titelheld der Comics, Deathstroke, ist eine Schöpfung des Autors Marv Wolfman und des Zeichners George Pérez, die ihn 1980 in der Reihe Teen Titans erstmals vorstellten. Spiderman may have higher physical stats but Deathstroke has impressive standing in that area just as well and higher tactical stats which he uses without taking a break to do so. no doubt. In round 2 Deathstroke runs circles around Spiderman and that's not an exaggeration. Auch ist er dort einer von nur drei Schurken mit dem im Verlauf des Storymode gespielt werden kann. 10 Villains Batman Has Shown Sympathy Towards. His experimental prototypes at Oscorp are all failing due to intervention by Spider-Man and he is losing millions of dollars. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Slim did the maths , Spidey's more than 10 times stronger But Spider-Man vice versa would also be a deadly opponent for Deathstroke with or without prep. Whether it’s his sassy retorts or his rich (sometimes tragic) backstory, there is just something special about Spidey. Spidey outclasses DS in every way except intellectual capacity, which is going to help you so much without prep, or even with frankly, in a physical confrontation with someone with outrageous amounts of superhuman agility, precognitive fighting sense and who is many times stronger as well. That’s right! On top of all of that, he created both the web fluid and the shooters on his own when he was a teenager, making the whole thing all the more impressive. Why will Deathstroke be able to just shoot Spidey out of the sky and yet dodge Parker's area of effect webbing? Deathstroke with prep would be a VERY dangerous enemy for Spidey. i say spiderman 6/10. He can prove it. Spider-man wouldn't be an issue AT ALL. His greater brainpower allows him to stay many moves ahead of his foes, coming up with new plans on the fly, changing them as the situations demand. DS is being overrated here by quite a bit. Spider-Man has a laundry list of awesome powers such as super strength, speed, and agility. @bones309: now does that feat compare to Deathstroke's team killing feat ? Read my original response. Slade has never been beaten by Batman, he lost to Nightwing because on special conditions, and Cassie Cain is not Spider-man so this entire thing means nothing. Help me reach 200k and Subscriber! Well, reading body language and receiving information about future events are not really the same thing. Meanwhile, Deadshot is skilled in six forms of martial arts. Which isn't applicable with cross universe battles, so Spider-man,Iron man, and Black Panther won't have that to help them. Spidey straight up outclasses Slade physically in every way and without prep Spidey is just gonna take him out with ease . Followers. I'm simply saying you're underrating the justice league, that is all. Unless DS has a high powered rifle no way a bullet or grenade is hitting spiderman in a city. He also has spider sense, which would be extremely helpful for telegraphing Deathstroke’s attacks. It's not just his super strength or his webbing or his spider-sense; what really makes Spider-Man such a tough hero to fight is the fact that he never gives up, no matter what the odds. Wilson verheimlichte seinen Vorgesetzten seine neu erworbenen Fähigkeiten und setzte seine Karriere als Offizier fort. However, that would take away some of Spider-Man's other advantages- he's much faster and more agile, way stronger, and takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Round 1 gives Peter a 6/7-10 percent chance of winning against Slade in a random encounter and that's being generous in favor or Peter because in truth what it takes Spidey maybe a few minutes to a few hours to understand about Deathstroke would've not only been understood by Deathstroke in a fraction of that time but exploited by Deathstroke as well...IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BATTLE. Seeing his opportunity, Spider-Man dodges the blow and hits Deathstroke with a glob of webbing. So idk why you’re defending the JL being exploited as such. He competed against other highly skilled soldiers in order to be chosen as the one to be enhanced. I know he takes on Flash and what not, but is Flash REALLY a "fighter". 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