doctor stranger park hoon and oh soo hyun kiss

They are good but not acceptable and believable!! I like Jin Se Yeon despite her many critics but damn I really became a fan of Kang So Ra while watching this drama. I feel as though the end was a bit rushed:((((. kang sora or jin se yeon? This story about Lee Jong Suk finding his gf/first love,right? KFANDOM Jun 11 2014 2:56 am . ommmm godddd!!!! I prefer So hyun the best. Jongsuk can be get chemistry like his previous drama. I could rate this movies 8/10 but with some thing I we just give this movies 6/10, Allan Jayson Regala Aug 23 2020 11:05 am cartriwaerza501 Oct 13 2015 11:17 am She is the worst actress that I've seen! So how is it wrong that hoonhee are together now? I think that people who already hate the ending, were preferring that Hoon and Hyun were the end game !!!! Its funny that Jong-Suk's drama took over the spot for Lee Bo-Young's drama and their dramas both has action, suspense, and conspiracy in them after they worked together on "I hear Your Voice". I really want to know. Whenever I see LJS I think he is a student who has worn surgical clothes. I’d decided to spoil myself, and was sorely disappointed to find out that the couple I had been rooting for did not get together in the end. This drama makes me an official fan for Jin Se-Yeon ♥ ♥ ♥. the point is now i am desperate to find another drama with a veryveryvery good looking main cast (lee jong suk :) ) but also good as a film. It means he challenging himself to play different character and not afraid to try. They just have a chemistry that i don't really see between Jae Hee and Hoon. He should end up eith JSY, secretable_lady May 20 2014 8:13 am We all support Jin Se-yeon !! So I'm guessing both are and that's why we can't tell apart who the lead is? Then JH appeared. HoonHyun is much more natural. I would prefer kang so ra with lee jong suk instead of jin se yeon, magic Apr 16 2014 8:05 am i'm angry that i dislike the female lead, and that i can't be happy with the end. Park Hoon only sees Jae Hee, they have loved each other most of their lives, he was lost for so many years without her. I'm not a fan of any actor/actress here, but I'm watching this show because I like the storyline. I shipped Park Hoon to Oh Soo Hyun.. Because everyone got a happy ending, even the bad guy! fighting ~! And I don't think all innocent girl would prob become like seung hee if they were treated like her. Just wondeful. ANd I super love Chang Yi and Dr. Oh, their roles and the actresses who portrayed them really gave this drama a boost alongside Lee Jong Suk. @Mia if you dont agree its ok but everyone have observation and that is my observation hope we could respect each other comments thank you. Lee jung sok and Kang sora looks good together. May be the comic scenes were Ok ! i want LJS with Se yeon they are amazing couple Hope they will end up together, siska May 17 2014 10:21 am Nice story and great cast... All actors and actress are performing a great job... Congrats... angeliebie panerio Oct 22 2014 7:23 am How painful it is to got back again in prison and be seperated from his love? I am thinking that the K-drama is quite light and fun. pleaseeeeeeeeee.... <3. Thank you for your patience. Well I hope. This drama was great it had many moments and i loved the ending it was beautiful and messages of loyalty and moral rights were well explored. hm..I think quack ship is sinking. there is some rumour that saying Hyun will die in the end and Hoon will feel nothing to Hyun. I think the writers are still unsure about who's gonna end up with who. seriously? I would not recommend this drama. Hoping for a happy ending!!! She might like him but the feelings aren't two-sided. the actors are only follow the rules of their leaders, but the writer and director here have failures mind they not careful for what their think, yeh.. Jin Se Yeon is best and cute lead she is deserves a roles that was best for her. In a heart beat, my answer is always a big NO. The story was just awesome that being in that many difficulties their love never died and they achieved it at last. I think you're right !! gyuri Jun 10 2014 12:53 am For North Korea I'm not sure to Jang's main plan, a little I know Jang was provides painful to father of PH and at the same time to PH, sorry to my no proper explanation.The other story from North Korea that I really focused is the childhood and love moment of SJH and PH. JSY smile is very beautiful !! :/ To me they were quite boring, and didn't make much sense... :( The definite let down and down side of this wonderful show, but I don't blame the actors whatsoever! mostly because I like medicine & Lee Jong-Suk. sakura May 09 2014 8:41 am I just love them as HOONHEE so its not that important cuz its just a drama couple.. Chill guys. Lara Jun 06 2014 4:59 pm 14 is the best Ep so far even though I feel my quack ship will sink (this ship was going up and down :'( I hate you writers). Lili Jun 09 2014 3:49 pm omggg park hoon is so cooooll, his surgery skills ;)! it doesn't mean she's a good one. Quack Jul 09 2014 2:36 am i'ts good if JSY can't accept this horrible drama, because this drama can ruined her acting skills I watched JSY in Bridal Mask her acting is really great unlike to this Doctor Stranger I must say the Director of DS is bias, from now on please JSY accept the best drama and good PD to concern for your character and acting skills don't accept story same in this drama please be careful and think right if you come back in dramaland. So, how can just turn the story to the other side ? Damn onion!! You are all blinded by the love match not the story itself. :D. Vivi May 26 2014 1:07 am when i saw the trailer before I thought the lead would be Sora. I practically just watched ep 20 in passing. heyy. It will be a waste if HoonHee couple will not end up together. but its all good, they are very good actors that they did fit to whatever character the're playing.

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