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The next card that caught my attention is Firemind’s Research. It might not look like there's much going on to you, but for me there's a lot of decisions to be made and plenty of mistakes to go with (nothing like realising you passed the turn when you had enough to at least try to go off. -1 Goblin Electromancer The two obvious cards to use are Ancestral Vision and Wheel of Fate. Should this card see play, that will change. If the average converted mana cost of your opponent’s deck is 1.25, don’t hesitate to take Remand out. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. +1 Echoing Truth +1 Dismember, -4 Sleight of Hand That said, this card can be a bit risky due to Thalia’s Lieutenant. As if you haven’t had enough of him already...You can now listen to our very own Bryant Cook along with Phil Gallagher and Brian Coval on The Eternal Glory Podcast! Instead with this list, if the occasion ever were to present itself, you can just search for the three off-brand fetchlands and that’ll do the trick. This trigger will go on the stack on top of the spell itself and it will resolve first. +2 Spell Pierce Merchant Scroll allows him to basically play four copies of the effect (of note, Drake won game one of his semifinal match against Amulet Titan because of Merchant Scroll getting Echoing Truth to bounce a Primeval Titan). Overall, I don’t think Storm gets any worse than it already was (if you’re in that camp) with Modern Horizons in the format, but I also don’t think it got significantly better either. The London Mulligan rule does help Storm become more consistent, but not nearly as much as the other “glass-cannony” decks. +1 Echoing Truth When Aria of Flame enters the battlefield, each opponent gains 10 life. Also, please don’t do that to anybody. *Thanks to Micah Lupa (@drisoth on Twitter) for coming up with some of these. +1 Remand, -2 Remand Twiddle Storm feels more like an Ad Nauseam deck to me (needing specific cards to win) than Gifts Storm. I prefer the 1cc cost of Void Snare but am open to other options. You fold to a second force of negation basically, but a Surgical Extraction shouldn’t cause you to stop comboing. This isn’t anything new (the change happened in 2012), so those of you who are experienced with The EPIC Storm, this shouldn’t see this as a shock. Only time will tell if it was a wise move or not. +1 Echoing Truth, -2 Remand Now you can go through the same process, but ending with Grapeshot. Then without passing priority, cast Past in Flames from the graveyard in case the opponent puts in there with some mana floating in your pool. Not just a “get wrekt Affinity” card. It’s worth noting that the flashback cost is reduced by our enabler creatures for you new storm pilots out there, it’s a question that pops up frequently. If that spell is countered this way, put it into its owner’s hand instead of into that player’s graveyard. +1 Remand Become a Storm Tracker by following our pages to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, articles, live streams, and so much more! +2 Lightning Bolt Third, Fact or Fiction gets any card, not just instants and sorceries. Typically it’s the first land I play, but there are occasions with having cantrips and fetchlands, as well as Spirebluff Canal where I’ll search for my basic on turn one and then cantrip. I like to include Peer Through Depths in many of my Gifts Ungiven piles because my decisions become very flexible based on what I have to interact with. Actually, I have 2 Lightning Bolts to zap the few things that people sometimes play that could lock me out. -1 Empty the Warrens We have all been there. Then each of these copies and the original spell will resolve. There are a lot of decks (green, red, and colorless-centric) that can really only interact with you via artifact hate cards. From here you can play [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]] (Storm 3 — ), tap [[Chrome Mox]], and cast [[Burning Wish]] (Storm 4 — ). Additionally, more expensive sideboard cards (e.g. -2 Past in Flames While not a great “Magic” card, I think Serum Visions is the best cantrip in the Modern storm deck in a vacuum. Being part of some of the control groups on social media, they are predicting leaning more heavily on Dovin’s Veto and not Force of Negation. Play it safe! -1 Empty the Warrens Manfield is referring to Scherer as the SCG Tour mainstay is the first to have pioneered a fetchless mana base in Storm, a deck he works on almost exclusively in Modern. Death’s Shadow decks, mainly the Jund variant (which isn’t as bad for Storm as Grixis, might I add) had really been picking up in popularity. You want Gifts Ungiven, just not right then. Aside from that, the other big thing, and I’d argue the signature difference between Drake’s version of Gifts Storm and others we’ve seen in recent months/years, is the addition of Merchant Scroll. After that, you can look at it like a cantrip in a lot of circumstances when digging for a specific need. The copy of Lightning Bolt that was created by Reverberate will not be counted. From here it doesn’t matter where the opponent puts the cards. You can board out a land to make room for an extra spell. -4 Gifts Ungiven That’s a perfect segue into the next card, Cabal Therapist. While I think both of these cards are fine in Storm sideboards, Drake, as mentioned by himself and above, expected a field of linear decks without a ton of graveyard hate. When this trigger resolves a copy of the storm spell is put on the stack for each spell that was cast before the storm spell. Storm (When you cast this spell, copy it for each spell cast before it this turn.). Now time for what you all came here for. Let’s unpack these a bit, starting with Modern Horizons. Enjoy! Typical lists only play two, sometimes three, but my list has four! My favorite thing about the deck is the requirement of #stormtwenty for Grapeshot . Another thing people glance over when looking at lists that play fetchlands relates back to deck thinning is less lands in your deck is a huge benefit for the card Pieces of the Puzzle. The question I have is two-fold. There’s no reason to give that information away, especially considering how little the name-difference is relevant. Pay 1 life, Sacrifice Polluted Delta: Search your library for an Island or Swamp card and put it onto the battlefield. It’s a more black and white deck whereas Gifts Storm is grey (can combo with different combinations of cards). Meaning, both decks function on a somewhat similar axis with cantrips and the graveyard.

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