history of street skateboarding

It rose in popularity so quickly that by 1995 ESPN hosted the first ever Extreme Games (X-Games) sparking interest in the minds of kids all over the world and bringing the interest in skateboarding back to the general population. By the mid-1970’s, the sport of skateboarding was here to stay. Local authority funded skate parks consistently prove to be important ventures for communities and can bring together local people in new and exciting ways in an effort to achieve a mutually beneficial common goal. But despite tremendous positive response, it lasted only four issues. As sidewalk surfing took off (start of skateboarding), a few surfing manufacturers, such as Makaha, started building skateboards that resembled small surfboards. Skateboarding continues to grow as the anti-establishment subculture that we all know it as. [53] The result is a skate park the envy of the world over. However, skateboarding history evolution ramped up quickly in the late 1980s to accommodate the street skater. Since few skateparks were available to skaters at this time, street skating pushed skaters to seek out shopping centers and public and private property as their “spot” to skate. A softer durometer allows wheels to travel over cracks, bumps and rough pavements more easily, while a harder durometer offers less resistance during power slides, grinds, and other rail and ledge tricks. Skateboarding still hasn't stopped evolving, and skaters are coming up with new tricks all the time. One benefit of skateboarding is that it is a very individual activity. They brought a new style of skateboarding to the sport. Skateboard parts can be individually replaced and fixed should they require maintenance. We love that this sport continues to grow, but never ages. Many advanced skateboarding tricks are extremely hard to pull off consistently and in some instances, risk serious injury in the event of accidental misstep. There are instances where local authorities in popular skateboarding areas have introduced initiatives which ban skateboarding, confiscate skateboards, or make skateboarding difficult or impossible via hostile architecture or by adding anti-skate devices to the environment. In the early 90s skateboarding starts to rise again as it finds some common ground with the emerging punk music. A dash of Macguyvering later and voila! Skaters were using clay wheels for their boards, which was extremely dangerous and hard to control. The Z-Boys: The Skateboarding Pioneers of Dogtown, What Makes Skateboarder Rodney Mullen So Great, How to Get Your Skateboard Fix in Bad Weather, 10 Skateboarding Records That Defy Gravity. Over time, these boxes turned into planks, and eventually, companies started producing decks of pressed layers of wood — similar to the skateboard decks you see today. were a household name. If you’re a skater, you’ve probably got a smartphone, and the typical apps installed: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat… all the usual apps for skating are great. The trick still bears his name, and Gelfand was inducted into the skateboard hall of fame in 2002. Wheels are made from an extremely hard polyurethane, with hardness(durometer) approximately 99a. Professional grade trucks are commonly constructed using forged aluminium or magnesium around an iron or steel axel rod. Learning to Ollie and then moving onto other fundamentals such as the one eighty, pop shuv-it and the kick-flip creates the foundation for moving onto learn slides, grinds and variations. From it’s surfing roots to its rebellious adolescence, to its present-day maturity, skateboarding is here to stay. Interestingly, this only helped to fuel skateboarding's popularity. Years later, due to the tireless work of passionate skateboarders such as Josh Nims[50] and others; a spiritual replacement for Love Park was built named Paine's Park. During this time, skateboarding was seen as something to do for fun after surfing. No offense but most of the art of new decks just does not compare to the timeless classic designs of the days when I was growing up. With practice, tricks such as many grinds and slides can be optionally combined with other aerial type tricks such as the kick-flip to create variations. The new wheel, replacing the clunky clay wheels of the 1950 and 1960s, gripped the asphalt and pool walls like cleats to the grass. Could you imagine the looks on the faces of people seeing this for the first time? New York City is home to a number of skateparks. You have just invented the skateboard. For instance, professional skateboarder Tom Penny is renowned not just for his skill and ability on a skateboard but also for his smooth and relaxed style whilst skating and landing tricks. With more eyes comes more scrutiny, as today a juvenile distaste and adolescence is still associated with skateboarding in dominant forms of media. Some of my favorite pro skaters are: Bryan Herman, Billy Marks, and Chris Haslam. Before commercial skateboards began appearing in 1959, the only way you could skate was by making your own board. You know what they say about skateboarders, right? ¿MARCANDO TENDENCIA O ADAPTÁNDOSE A ELLAS? The invention of urethane wheels by Frank Nasworthy in 1972 made it possible for skateboarding to make its comeback. Some wheels will be made harder than measurable on the "A" scale and will have durometers of up to 84B (about 104A.) We saw in these years the rise of Shorty’s and Chad Muska, videos like "Mouse" and "Yeah Right!" But by the time Tony Hawk had officially brought professional skateboarding to the mainstream spotlight again, skateboarding had already undergone an immense transformation throughout the 1980s and early 1990s. The Zephyr team had many members but as some of you might know the most notable of them where Tony Alva, Jay Adams and Stacy Peralta. Most people assumed that skateboarding was a fad that had died out, like the hula hoop. Skate bearings come in one size. Then in 1995 ESPN holds the first ever X-Games. She has competed in most of the contest since the first All Girl Skate Jam in 1997. At the tail end of the 1980s and around the beginning of the 90s street skateboarding evolved as a new approach to Skateboarding from elements taken from the other existing Skateboarding disciplines. Your email address will not be published. At the start of 1965, a few news organizations began hyping injuries and accidents surrounding the sport. © 2020 Board Blazers. What do you do when the sun is already setting but you're itching to skate? Then in 1978 Alan Gelfand (nicknamed “Ollie”) invented a maneuver that gave skateboarding another revolutionary jump. I find this fascinating that in such a short time Skateboarding has gained such ground. Skateboarding evolved from the backyards of ramp builders into the parking lots of grocery stores riddled with red curbs. [37] A course is usually complemented by adding transitions which permit greater travelling speed and an increased amount of "air". In Del Mar, California, a slalom and freestyle contest was held at the Ocean Festival. This enabled each company to be creative and do whatever it wanted, and new styles and shapes of boards were tried. It's impossible to choose one. The most famous indoor street style skate park in the world is The Berrics. That being said, the off-shoots of skateboarding have also grown tremendously to tip the scales back into the hands of skateboarders. According to Ben Kelly of Transworld Skateboarding Magazine; the ten best cities in the World to skateboard are: Barcelona,[5] Los Angeles,[6] New York,[7] San Francisco,[8] Paris,[9] Melbourne,[10] London,[11] Shenzhen,[12] Berlin[13] and Tel Aviv.[14].

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