how much weight can a 2x6 support horizontally

in my garage I have 2x6s spaced 24 inches apart. Not including any roof overhang, I calculated 3/16 of the 44' span times the tributary width of each truss (2') times the snow (live) load of 60 psf plus dead load (framing, roofing & drywall) of 10 psf. Will a 4x8 swingset beam with 4x6 notches at either end support a 16 foot span? It puts all the vertical load on the trees. The pictures of the 4x4 posts above look temporary to me. FAQ: Why Do Some Builders Avoid Foam Insulation. In terms of the stresses in the plank, typically as a minimum you will need to calculate the following forces: These will need to be calculated for different load cases including different locations for the weights on the beam as different positions for the load will give different worst case results. A double 2x4 can support 3639 lbs, or about half that of a single 2x6. Cellulose: It sounds great, if I can get it installed. What are the Common Factors that are Used to Identify a Stainless Steel Flange. I would keep the interior double wall ¼" lower than the exterior and either connect it with gussets or a plywood secondary top plate to the outer wall or to the trusses with floating truss clips. That document looks like a really good reference, thanks! You could attach it to each tree by lashing it in place with rope. Seriously in the long run you will be better insulated going with the 2x6, Charles: I have learned a lot about insulation in last few months; much, much reading. Interior part of the exterior wall "floating" is exactly what I was feeling, but unsure of how to secure it w/out making it load bearing; I will check into those floating truss clips. It's more realistically fixed-fixed, which is indeterminate for simple beam equations. I'll keep calling, but we have few installers here. The house will be 44′ wide and will have a center, load bearing wall. 3/16 of that will be on the outer stud, or 731 lbs. OK, and thanks. I will definitely be using dense-packed cellulose, and now wish I would have put it in my walls in 1980. The trees are characterized by a hard texture and ability to bear heavy loads. I will digest all that. The type of load in question will also determine how much weight a 2x6 can hold on edge. A 4 cylinder engine is pretty light 300 lbs. For comparison, a 2x6 wall will run $1.70/sf to have 'glass blown in, whereas good old 'glass batts are about $0.44, plus the fun of installing them. Loading a two force member mid span is never a good idea. Having said all of that, this is over the top for most domestic applications and for the most part basing the size on what has worked in similar circumstances before is normally adequate. Snow load is 60 psf. Just wondering how safe this actually is? For the dynamic loading, you'll want to do something similar to the fun I had on this question. I'm sure bus_driver's suggestions will also work. The posts are spaced 3 feet apart. You're burning the midnight oil, I see. (A 2x6 is good for 6', a 2x8 for 8', etc.) The duration of a load mostly affects the strength rating (Fb) of lumber while the stiffness value (E) is not affected by the load. And honestly, I wouldn't use fiberglass batts, regardless of the cost. What was the most critical supporting software for COBOL on IBM mainframes? It's kind of technical, though, from what I can tell. Meek, dainty pastels - which would be lovely on a delicate silver-leafed oriental piece, especially against a deep toned wall - don't have the visual strength to hold their own here. How would sailing be affected if seas had actually dangerous large animals? john. I'll make sure the CDX is well nailed, glued w/ water proof glue, and has fire-stops as well. what size 2 by lumber should I use to support a swing? But realistically how much weight can be put up there? I am no engineer but if I were you I would do double PT 2×12 with 3/4″ PT plywood sandwiched in between and glued and screwed. No new columns needed, tied in very nicely, and more open underneath with no extra columns. Nice find Jayme...yet again, though, the right side is really "opened up" compared to the left. For each load size and type, the duration they will spend on the beams will be of top concern too. Hardwood, on the other hand, comprises of deciduous trees whose leaves fall during cold months. The strength of a beam varies based on various aspects. I'd also include a safety factor of 2 or so in there, meaning that the swing should be able to hold 1,200 lbs static load. Adding bridging or solid blocking to the adjacent joists at additional points, particularly the center of the span, helps prevent this rotation and thus increases the weight it will support without failing. Since you are only supporting the beam from one end, you need to adjust the calculations accordingly. Lots of interesting answers for how to figure out the "correct" answer, but hopefully this will help a bit. And the maximum allowable axial loading is the buckling resistance of the column times the cross-sectional area. john, the exterior wall will really only hold 11' of the 44' roof load. Also, google "Beam tables" and the equations will be right there for you. If I securely attach a 2x4 to the trees and hang the swing from the middle, would it be at risk of breaking from 2 children playing on it (so I'd guess around 300lbs max with them bouncing and jumping onto it). To be safe we require the angle in the Y to be < 90 degrees, otherwise the attachment points are being pulled inward too much, instead of mostly downward (a load direction that rock climbing bolts aren't set for). Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. But i've only ever done these calculations for steel members so it would be more difficult for me than someone with more experience working with strength properties of wood. Truss systems should only be loaded at the joints. You can't really use simply supported for this model though. Robert: Center wall is on a footer; did not know it carried 5/8 of the load, but that makes sense. The new shades have all the problems of the old ones ... they blend into the wall and aren't there. What do I do with this GAUDY Rococo Bedroom Set? Still have questions? 3 phase  vs 1 phase pump?Both are 2 HP capacity.? That Y mounting is an awesome idea. We don't save this data. The truss builder is the one who mandated that the center wall be load bearing. No one (that I knew) up here was familiar w/ the stuff then, so I went w/ Nasty Batts; did blow in a foot of cellulose over R19 Nasty Batts in my lid, though. This won't delete the articles you've saved, just the list. The final calculations you will have to do will be the stresses that the wood can withstand. The length of the joists also has an impact on the weight it can support. I just recently found out about our Dear Spencer. I’m just wondering if it is better (stiffer & carries more weight) to use a single 2×6 as the stud in an outer wall of a house (under each truss), or to use double 2x4s. How much of this wood molding has to be completely replaced?

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