how to build a solid workbench

I’ve been thinking of creating one since I just moved into my new home last 3 months ago. I am currently researching for my upcoming workbench, which I will plan to build during the coming months (right after we redid our drainage (don’t know if that is the correct word in english?) I built two of these benches(similar) for my shop three years ago but this plan seems slightly different (no metal strap and plywood underneath both shelves. My width wide supports were 19”, and legs 40” (I used an extra 93” length wide support for the bottom shelf as well as the top shelf for extra Bench Table Top support) I used 3/16” panel board 4’x8’ tipped in half for both bench tops. Very fun build. Thanks for the awesome write-up and photos. Quick question where did you source your caster wheels? add 3 1/2 + 3 1/2 which = to 7″. For this an other workbench ideas, check out our four workbench mod suggestions. Bruce there are a few ways to doing it – one is if you know the exact locations (i.e. I’m looking forward to any future updates you do on your work bench building efforts. I voted for this in both categories. Jonas. all kinds of wonderfully gadgetry like holdfasts. With the base components now completed in the last steps, this section covers the tools , jigs and techniques used for creating perfectly fitting floating mortise and tenon joints for long term strength and beauty. That was exactly the idea. You can also search Craigslist, etc, for butcher block countertops to get a good deal. I used the same Simpson plates in my 4′ build, and they’ve held up well after a few years. WOW – unbelievable how solid it is. I then loosely placed the top on, weighted it with four 20-lb cat litter jugs on top, and went around and tightened-up all of the screws. I made a 4×4 for the casters, but it’s not as strong as yours. Most other workbenches will sag in the middle, because it’s difficult to support an 8′ span without some deflection. I wouldn’t call this a workbench…It’s essentially a two-shelf storage cart on casters. Design Overview: The general plan for this workbench is to create a reinforced frame of 2×4’s with a lower and upper plywood shelf. I love this. I an also interested in mounting a vise. Unfortunately I’m working alone but managed to keep everything as level as possible. In Step 2, where you say “…limited vertical rigidity…” I think you mean “… limited horizontal rigidity…”. Purchased new, they cost around $200-300 for a 24 x 60" slab, but this will allow you to have an all-wood bench in a weekend using just a circular saw and a drill. I just finished and this workbench is awesome. – Tom Bills. This next garage workbench I give the most points for creativity. If you are ok with more involved builds that add a few more features, then consider this DIY Work Bench from Ginger and the Huth. wheels. This is an easy build made of 2 x 3s and plywood, and it works perfect for the space shown. (Because how else could you possibly build your second project?) First time to the article but by now it’s fitting to ask: how has the top held up? I might look at adding a tail vice also, Finally made the workbench after finding your site 5 or 6 months ago. I also used Simpson screws since they seem to be stronger than some other screws. Even with the locking casters locked, it’s easy to make the table move about 2″ in any direction. Like suggestion of undermounted drawers. By fastening the bar to the side, you are constraining it from the weak side-to-side deflection. Hi, we're Ethan, Jocie, Kim and Fred. Thanks Ethan! The large casters hold 220 lbs each and make it easy to move around the garage. Excellent build. Next line the right edge of a #5 board to the lower support and screw it to the wall with the top edge half an inch below where you want your middle shelf to lay (account for the plywood's thickness) In a later step, we're going to attach another #1 to the wall, but it will be part of the bench's frame. Welcome to OPC. Since wood does splinter i would maybe have turned your beams upside down but left the steel attached to the 4x side. In this section you will learn about proper storage, relative humidity, wood moisture content and how to cut and plane the wood in various stages to maximize long term stability.

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