injustice 2 story mode

Fortunately, all it does is add an extra step or two. One of the men orders Batman to put his hands up, and after seeing how vastly outnumbered he is, Batman complies, but activates a supersonic disruptor which causes all the soldiers to double over in pain. Hal approaches Cyborg, demanding to know who his and Raven's boss is. But Batman suddenly storms in and turns on a news announcement. Superman suddenly begins to rant about how he made the people safe and gave them peace but all they do is whine and complain, and side with the criminals. He flies back into the city, leading them on and knocks them out of the sky by outmaneuvering them and unleashing another salvo of missiles. Deathstroke reveals himself to be under Luthor's employ and the one who freed the Joker. ├ List of Unlockables Superman assures them they will find them. The Joker moves to finish Nightwing off when Batman and the heroes from Joker's world arrive to fend off the soldiers. The game is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Over the next several days, Superman's One Earth Regime is dismantled, with his enforcers arrested, including the Flash, who turns himself in to atone for his aiding of Kal-El's madness. Other interests are D'n'D, dad rock, complaining about movies, and being the self-appointed office funny man, which nobody else agrees with. He is next seen flying over Metropolis and heading for Stryker's when his suit's warning signal goes off and Lex sees two missiles chasing him. Looking at the rest of his enforcers, he asks if anyone else has any objections. The Insurgency Batman insists it will be a mistake, but his duplicate reminds him he brought them over here because he had faith, faith that they would uphold the values he had given everything to defend. Whatever the reason, the resulting design choice is pretty confusing. Story Mode Chapter List. Superman nods and smiles. Superman declares he will live disappointed and the two face off. When the Joker wins, Harley realizes he is the Joker, though not the one from her world, and is shocked, then overjoyed, deciding to take him to meet her Joker Clan. ├ Chapter 9 - Last Hope of Krypton The Clown Prince of Crime is angered by failure and decides to kill her with his knife, though Luthor stops him and the two battle. Cyborg contacts Batman and informs him of the Watchtower's imminent destruction and urges him and the others to hurry. You can't wear gear in story mode, but you unlock an epic level 20 gear piece for each character that has a chapter. Happy to serve, Harley attacks Lex, but is easily beaten, with Luthor urging Harley to stay away from the Joker. Your email address will not be published. Luthor battles Shazam and defeats him, telling the younger hero that no good comes from hero worship before accessing his suit once more, surprised that it has been badly damaged once more, with flight out again. Shazam revives and attacks Aquaman, who demands to see Superman. Ollie admits he wasn't trying and the trick arrow explodes in Barry's hand. ├ Chapter 4 - Invasion Five years before the main events of the story, Injustice: Gods Among Us opens with a close up of what's left of the Daily Planet before slowly panning out, revealing the devastated city of Metropolis before cutting to the Gotham City police station, where dozens of officers are reacting in a combination of stunned shock and panic, with a news feed revealing over eleven million people have died due to a nuclear bomb detonating in the heart of the city. ├ AI Battle Simulator Mode Luthor and Raven exchange banter before Nightwing is suddenly yanked away by the neck by Catwoman's whip. Back in the Insurgency base, the two Batmen work together to defeat Bane again, and the Insurgency Batman tells his duplicate they need to move the transporter before it gets damaged or else he and his friends will not be able to return home. Batman refuses and Catwoman attacks him, enraged. Diana understands his motives are far from selfless and begins to speak to him when Raven suddenly appears. ├ Farming Regen Tokens Despite being enhanced by the nanotech supplement, Joker is still defeated by Lex. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. The two Wonder Women battle and ultimately, the heroic Diana defeats her villainous counterpart. Shazam sees the monster falling and shouts his magic word next to a dazed Black Adam, turning Adam back into a mortal just as Doomsday lands on him. The battles stop as everyone watches a cackling Sinestro slam the mace down several more times before approaching the crater where Superman had been standing. The two teleport onto the Watchtower, and Cyborg quickly gains control over the teleportation controls thanks to the fact when his counterpart hacked his systems, he exposed his pass codes, allowing Cyborg easy access. The Flash disarms every soldier and confronts Sinestro, but the alien warlord easily captures Flash in a construct and then flings him all the way to Wayne Manor, following him there and telling him his desertion was poorly timed. Shazam refuses and battles Aquaman, only to be defeated as well. Though Doomsday begins to rise back up, further enraged, he is prevented from attacking the two by Superman, who tackles into the monster into the sky while flying at full speed. Seeing this, Harley activates a distress signal from this world's Batman. ├ Chapter 3 - The Brave and The Bold Bane is knocking Nightwing around when he spots Luthor's missiles heading their way and quickly moves aside to let Nightwing be struck, though Dick is saved by the timely intervention of Raven, who redirects the missiles at Solomon Grundy as the zombie gets Cyborg in a bear-hug, allowing Cyborg to get the upper-hand. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Promising that he's on their side now, Barry offers his hand to the fallen Ollie and asks that he listen to him. Whispering to himself, "May fortune favor the foolish." As Cyborg prepares to evacuate everyone off the Watchtower, he is contacted by Luthor who requests Deathstroke to be teleported to Ferris Aircraft to retrieve a prototype weapon to replace the damaged one so the kryptonite can be re-weaponized. Later at the Hall of Justice, Cyborg and Deathstroke has successfully infiltrated the building, and Cyborg begins ordering Deathstroke to re-program security for him. Harley thanks Batman for showing up, though the heroes become on edge after seeing the Joker, with Wonder Woman holding him in place. Raven is hardly surprised by Ares actions and Wonder Woman quickly realizes that Raven is really serving her father Trigon, not Superman. As both burn in the heavens above, with Doomsday furiously pounding Superman's back in an effort to free himself, Clark spots this world's Fortress of Solitude below and crashes himself and Doomsday inside, where they came to a painful stop. ├ Chapter 8 - Goddess of War As Arthur races to collect his trident, Superman flies down to intervene and the two grapple, with Aquaman getting a few hits in, though Superman sends him flying with a single blow. Before he has a chance to leave, Solomon Grundy charges in, angered by the Flash attacking Lantern and forcing the Flash into another battle. Jordan, happy to find the real Batman, decides to put an end to the Insurgency, but loses the ensuing battle due to his injuries.

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