nitecore tip2 manual

:7#�;y�V�h驟�Ƥ!����K�MUp�1�P���Gm�:w���նپ�P�St�(�6���C ڗ�ء�i���cG� *j��X�$�ϭO1����\���+�(�o�U��x�4L�a4�?۩�H��a������AZ�$~t�"|���`��-$N�� pp Un parpadeo representa un nivel de batería inferior al 10%. Dos parpadeos representan un nivel de batería inferior al 50%. TIP2 has 2 user modes, DEMO Mode and DAILY Mode. 2. the product(s) is/are damaged due to improper use. 0000008315 00000 n 0000003523 00000 n le mode DEMO est le mode par défaut, sortie usine, il est, dans le mode Demo, réactiver la lampe dans les 3 secondes, Italiano, Inglese, Tedesco, Francese, Spagnolo, Cinese, Ucraino. More . 0000585635 00000 n When the light is on/o, press and hold the Mode Button to access. (excluding clip), Utilises a total reflective optic lens for uniform and soft light, Built-in Li-ion battery charging circuit with a micro USB port, Advanced Power Cut-Off (APC) technology for a low parasitic drain, 4 brightess levels with direct access to Turbo mode, Power indicator indicated remaining battery power, Incorporated Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) module. charging indicator located beside the buttons will ash slowly, the battery is fully charged, the charging indicator will become steadily, the output appears to be dim or the ashlight becomes unresponsive, O: When the light is on, short/long press the Power Button to turn it, TIP2 has 2 user modes, DEMO Mode and DAIL, When the light is on/o, long press both the Power Button and the, Mode Button simultaneously to switch between DEMO and DAIL, The light will ash to indicate the current user mode: 1 ash to indicate, shuts down in DEMO mode will temporarily access DAIL. If our lights don't work the way they should, let us know and we'll do our best to get you sorted. Ineffective reply to our email within a week might be regarded as giving up the testing opportunity. Built with durable Polycarbonate materials,provide a maximum output of 55 lumens key-chain light. Q: Why does my TIP2 shut down in 30 seconds? Gear High CRI Model Hunting Law Enforcement Military Outdoor/Camping Search. Ce manuel appartient à la catégorie Lampes de poche et a été évalué par 1 personnes avec une moyenne de 9.4. If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, ship the entire package back to us with your Order #number and we'll give you a full refund! 0000005306 00000 n to the working condition and ambient environment to maintain the, When the light is o, short press the Mode Button and the power. Schalten Sie auf ein niedrigeres Niveau herunter, es NICHT in die Nähe von Gegenständen, für die der Magnetismus, 6. NITECORE TIP2 is easy to operate with a dual switch design. El tiempo de, indicador de carga (luz de color azul, junto a los botones) parpadeará, lentamente. L. passer de l’un à l’autre selon ses préférences : recommandé de le paramétrer en mode Quotidien. Been using it for my night runs too. 0000503501 00000 n Quand la lampe TIP2 est éteinte, maintenir appuyé les 2 interrupteurs. A: TIP2 has 2 user modes, DEMO Mode and DAILY Mode. Apply to test new product of Nitecore to experience latest design and cutting-edge technology you have never seen. Cuando la batería esté completamente cargada, el, indicador de carga permanecerá encendido para informar al usuario y, la pantalla mostrará un nivel completo de batería. Yes, I understand and agree to the above terms. 0000007778 00000 n Il manuale è disponibile nelle seguenti lingue: Italiano, Inglese, Tedesco, Francese, Spagnolo, Cinese, Ucraino. Das Licht blinkt, um den aktuellen Benutzermodus anzuzeigen: 1-maliges Blinken, um den DEMO-Mode anzuzeigen, und 2-maliges, automatischen Ausschalten im DEMO-Mode reaktivieren, wird der, Wenn das Licht eingeschaltet ist, drücken Sie kurz die Mode-, zwischen „LOW" - "MID" und "HIGH“ zu wechseln. Elle restera allumée jusqu’à l’extinction. Nitecore TIP 2 user manual can be downloaded here. Un parpadeo representa un nivel de batería inferior al 10%. 0000711300 00000 n Your opinions are very valuable to us and will be highly appreciated. 0000594914 00000 n Soyez prudent, lorsque vous utilisez la lampe en mode TURBO pour éviter une, surchaue et descendez à un niveau inférieur si la lumière devient, 6. 0000143273 00000 n Wenn der Ladezustand normal ist, blinkt die blaue Ladeanzeige neben, werden, wenn der Lichtkegel schwach erscheint oder die T. aufgrund von schwacher Leistung nicht mehr reagiert. Following on from the success and popularity of the TIP 2017, this next generation provides double the brightness and with a slightly different design, does not compromise on durable and functional build quality.The keyring torch has a magnetic tail cap which can be separated from the body of the light for quick detachment. In onze database zitten meer dan 1 miljoen PDF handleidingen van meer dan 10.000 merken. The TIP SE has a max stunning output of 700 lumens with a built-in 500mAh Li-ion battery and a USB-C charging port. d'alimentation clignote toutes les 3 secondes pour informer l'utilisateur, La lampe doit être rechargée lorsque la sortie semble faible ou si la. 2. the product(s) is/are damaged due to improper use. lampe de poche cesse de répondre en raison d'une faible puissance. Instrukcja Nitecore TIP2. Weight: 38.3g (Clip not included) (1.35oz), defective product can be exchanged for a replacement through a, local distributor/dealer within 15 days of purchase. 0000575693 00000 n Das Produkt enthält kleine Montageteile. Co. Reg. The light offers four brightness levels ranging from 1 to 720 lumens. 0000724684 00000 n Op zoek naar een handleiding? k�& ��7(,䴺������w� DEMO Mode: The light will automatically shut down if there is no operation in 30 seconds.

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