preventing gender bias in early childhood education

When Rosie is brave she is green. Have them explore their ideas about gender identity and think about what is or is not “fair with respect to gender. What is the Electoral College and Why Is it Controversial? In addition, illustrations used in pictures, text and drawings that portray women and girls doing conventional socially assigned roles, such as cooking, and boys doing white collar jobs, such as doctors and pilots, breed patriarchal narratives to the place of girls in society. For example, alternate male and female names: Alternatives to the pretend kitchen such as a workbench, home office, store, office, hospital, etc. The workshops were facilitated by an artist and author from Kids’ Own Publishing, and supported by Centre for Non-Violence. Altogether, this has a huge impact on children’s future lives. You are not alone, Supporting Families – Shared Core Competencies, Men’s control of decision-making and limits to women’s independence, Rigid gender roles and stereotyped constructions of masculinity and femininity. Single-sex education (a school or program teaches only one sex) has often been mentioned as a remedy for the diminished self-concept girls must experience in schools where gender bias exists. Remind them that they deserve respect from those around them. By age three, although most children can identify themselves as boys or girls, they are still sorting out the concept of gender (Roberts and Hill, 2003). Children at Mkunazini primary school in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Are parents dividing work up equally — and if not, do kids understand why? Most influences in the lives of young children—both human and environmental—reinforce existing stereotypes (Ramsey 2004). Strengthening positive, equal and respectful relationships. Teachers are often significant players in the early development of children. A new toolkit developed by VVOB and FAWE on gender-responsive pedagogy for early childhood education is a promising resource to support early education practitioners in their daily practice. Familiarize girls with female leaders in politics, business, and STEM fields. Gender equality also matters because it is a key part of the British Values.The British Values are a part of the Prevent Strategy, which gives statutory guidance for early years settings on how to prevent radicalisation.As part of this, they encourage nurseries to consider gender and how they might be enforcing stereotypes. Be mindful of the language you use, the way you treat people of different genders, and even the perspectives you hold on your own abilities and traits. Forty-two children participated in the project, writing and illustrating Rainbow Fox, a picture book that reflects themes of gender equity and respectful relationships—with quirky characters who challenge gender stereotypes. During this early phase, children form an understanding of gender norms, identities and stereotypes. When young girls and boys are denied access to the opportunities, care and services they need to thrive and develop to their full potential, this affects the rest of their lives. Innovative Resources is pleased to support the distribution of both Rainbow Fox—Picture Book and Teaching Notes, and Rainbow Fox Kit (including 4 posters and DVD) on behalf of Centre for Non-Violence and Anglicare Victoria’s ‘Communities for Children’ program. We have concrete ideas on how to do things differently now.”. Noting that both boys and girls suffer because of gender bias in society and in the classroom, this paper examines the roots and consequences of such bias. The toolkit provides early childhood teachers and school leaders with a set of practical and low-cost instruments that they can use to reflect on their own gender biases as well as hands-on tips to introduce gender-responsive pedagogy in their schools and classrooms. I work for a government agency Rigid stereotypes, attitudes and beliefs about gender are formed at a young age, which can limit and influence children’s aspirations, potential and relationships. I work for the GPE Secretariat The foundation for gender identity formation gets established during the preschool years (Derman-Sparks and Edwards, 2010, 91). It is important that teachers are cognizant of gender-friendly classroom setup and teaching methodologies. Your email address will not be published. Intervene immediately when you hear boys making demeaning comments about girls. Ask kids to think about what might be challenging about being a person of another gender, or a person who is transgender. Fighting teaching practices that reinforce gender bias in school. Here, we provide tips for parents to deconstruct gender stereotypes and prevent bias. Trials in Zambia and South Africa showed the toolkit’s potential in supporting early education practitioners in their daily practice. 1 0 obj Change the story: A shared framework for the primary prevention of violence against women and their children in Australia shows that there are four key drivers of violence against women.[1]. Dear team members, Examining one’s own knowledge of gender development and unconscious bias is crucial if educators are to adequately recognise and challenge a detrimental stereotypical play. Purple means she is grumpy. It was interesting to get different perspectives. Going forward, VVOB and FAWE will implement the toolkit alongside their education partners. In general, girls are praised for the neatness of their work or their appearance, while boys are more likely to receive attributes based on effort and ability. The school infrastructure, both inside the classroom and in the school environment, should be responsive to the different needs of both girls and boys. Do they find it harmful? When you both see or hear something degrading, ask kids to interpret it. Do they think boys and girls are being held to the same expectations? VVOB is co-funded by the Belgian and Flemish government, the European Commission and other international donors. Make it clear to girls that they can and should be leaders — in the classroom, in clubs and sports, and in their careers. %���� In focus: Girls' education and gender equality They invade young children’s lives in many ways: through media, advertisements, toys and learning materials. They are key to achieving equitable and inclusive education systems that deliver learning. However, as  the Forum for Africa Women Educationalists (FAWE) describes it, gender is the roles and responsibilities of women/girls and men/boys that are defined in our families, societies, cultures, including characteristics, attitudes and behaviors expected of each sex.

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