technical terms in business

(2) A business going into administration, meaning that a business has gone bankrupt and its creditors can get in touch to try and claim any money they are owed. Sneakernet-The old-fashioned way of transferring data using external, portable media by copying the data to disk and then walking it over somewhere. Such a practice is known as using managed services. A right to buy shares in a company in the future, at a favourable price, in addition to a regular salary if the person meets specific performance targets or predetermined criteria. 57. Amounts of money received by (or owed to) a company for goods or services provided. When a company is acquired using borrowed funds. Each Incoterm does one of two main things. no depletion of resources. When the value of an asset you have already bought becomes worth less than what you initially paid. Beware of any links from suspicious emails. Many businesses operate on the basis of contracts made with customers, vendors and employees. An official legal document confirming that an individual or company has the sole right to make, use or sell a particular invention. Many organizations use email marketing software to manage campaigns, distribution lists and analytics. When you see that a software product can integrate with other software products, for example, it's typically an API doing the heavy lifting. Fortunately their word for the cursor, bug, didn’t catch on like their invention the mouse. This updates shareholders on a company’s unaudited profits for the first half of the financial year. Leave a comment below. or would like the information deleted, please email [email protected] from the email address you used when submitting this form. With regard to tax, capital expenditure cannot be deducted in the year the money is paid. An actuary is a person employed by pension providers and insurance companies. Businesses can get creative with their emails by including images, videos and other exciting content that customers will be more likely to view. It usually only occurs during wars or during severe political instability. Their role is to calculate accident rates, life expectancy and the relevant payouts. Domain names are translated into numbers on an IP address, which is translated into the browser address bar. This can include a very broad swath of data, which is why businesses often need business intelligence software. White label: This term is used a lot by software companies that offer app creation and website-building tools. This system uses several computers connected on a network to provide a service, compute data or accomplish tasks. [See Related Story: The Tech Tools Small Business Owners Rely on Most]. 10. This only applies to non-manufactured wood, not to plywood and chipboard. If you an Apple user, you already have an iTunes app to listen to episodes. The ease with which a company’s assets can be converted into cash. Wiki: A backronym was coined to say Wiki stands for “What I Know Is” but it is actually Hawaiian for “quick.”. PEBKAC: Another helpdesk acronym that indicates the Problem Exists Between the Chair and the Keyboard, like a CKI error. Meet the hackers who earn millions for saving the web. I’ve seen the term ever since Windows 98, and I’m still left in the dark. The movement of cash into and out of a business. Building smarter intersections and getting traffic management into the right lane, Why more Canadian businesses should be exporting, Exporting 101: Five resources to help grow your business, How to find a market for your product or service, Accounts Receivable Insurance (EDC Direct), Contract Insurance & Bonding (EDC Direct), EDC Business Credit Availability Program (BCAP) Guarantee, Learn with EDC x FITT Lite Learning Series, Subscribe to receive EDC resources straight to your inbox, Corporate sustainability and responsibility, Boost your business’ resilience by diversifying your markets, Global Economic and Export Forecast with Peter Hall, U.S. outlook: What Canadian businesses need to know, Smarter intersections: Traffic management gets pulled into right lane. The total sales of a business or company during a specified period. They are considered risky bets although their aim is to beat falling markets. Companies use CRM software to keep track of all the information they collect on clients, such as service calls made or previous products purchased. Checking your company’s standards by comparing them with certain criteria, e.g. Data manipulation tools in reporting or spreadsheet software that allow users to view data from any angle. 55. 35. 42. An example of machine learning is Siri, Apple's AI (artificial intelligence) personal assistant. This is GDP plus the profits, interest and dividends received from British residents abroad and minus those profits, interest and dividends paid from the UK to overseas residents. to activate, meaning it is usually only other programmers with access to source code who can ferret these out. A ‘snapshot’ of a company’s assets, liabilities and capital at a particular point in time. A quick glance at this report reveals the identities of your creditors, how much money is owed to each creditor, and … A performance management tool that holistically captures an organization's performance from several vantage points (e.g., sales results vs. inventory levels) on a single page. Any cost that remains the same in the short-term, despite changes in volume. This is represented as a percentage and is the annual income an investment makes back. Version control. To help us ensure you are the right fit, we ask that you take the time to complete a short application: Canada and the U.S. have a mutual exemption on this, but in case things change, it’s a good idea to know these rules now. Performance management software. When shipping anywhere except the U.S., the wood has to be heat-treated or fumigated and certified with a stamp. A metric a business measures its progress against when performing BI analytics to determine whether it is meeting its goals. This is a takeover bid of a company that is deemed unacceptable or has unwelcome terms as deemed by the company’s board. Other businesses may lease their servers from ISPs and self-maintain them. An agreement made when money is borrowed from an investor at a set rate of interest. If GDP is down, the economy is contracting. This is a director who helps the company and offers an independent view on strategies and performance but is not actively involved in the day-to-day running. The earning power of an asset or activity measured as a ratio of the net income of the activity to the operational cost. Here's a guide to common terms for business software shoppers. It’s the difference between current assets and current liabilities. CRM: Customer relationship management software, also referred to as a CRM, helps companies manage client information and streamline the sales process. A measure of inflation in goods bought and manufactured by British-based industry. On-going costs for running a business, service or system that includes day-to-day expenditure such as sales and administration. Incoterms were created as common codes of conduct and contract and are regulated by the International Chamber of Commerce for international trade. It’s not always compulsory, but it’s recommended. I’d like to add two alternatives to the definitions provided above. This is the rate of interest you agree to pay on money borrowed. Emoji: another word for emoticon, it’s those little smiley faces, frowning faces, tables, etc.

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