turnip greens with bacon

Turn down heat to medium/medium-high and add the ginger, tossing until fragrant (1 minute). ★☆. Mr. Gordon… I am a native South Carolinian. This will also subscribe you to the Grow Forage Cook Ferment newsletter. It has less starch than a potato, and tastes a little bit like a cross between a radish and a cabbage. While I agree with your prep of your turnips and turnips greens, I am a bit puzzled by your stated cooking time in the recipe. They turned out delish! At this time the chopped turnips were added. Place butter into a large stock pot and melt over medium heat. Scrub the turnips under cold running water. I have always liked collards, turnip greens and turnips but, after having collards way back in 1974 and then having a bad gall bladder attack that sent me to the hospital I have never eaten them again. Then she added sugar, salt, pepper, and vinegar from a jar of pickled peppers. Serve them up while they’re warm and Enjoy! If they are real bitter, par boil first and drain the water, then cook as usual. As for me, anything that might help improve the taste of these greens is surely worth doing. It’s super easy to Sign Up, and should you ever decide you’re no longer interested, it’s even easier to Unsubscribe. They'll be tender and golden brown when they're finished. Add salt, black pepper, sugar and lemon juice. Add chopped bacon and cook until crisp, stirring occasionally (5 – 7 minutes). Optional:  add red wine vinegar and cook for 1 minute. Peel the turnips. It’s your choice of course. I love to spend time with my sweet family, to travel, and to cook for those that I love. Made turnip greens tonight with bacon grease, onions s&p and some red pepper flakes. Smile. Serve with cornbread. In all honesty, I must start this particular post by saying right up front that I’m not a fan of Turnip Greens. Different textures, tastes and nutrients come together beautifully in this dish. Season with salt and pepper to taste and serve. Keep tasting them after about 20-30 minutes to see if they are tender enough to your liking, or if they need any more Salt or Pepper. ★☆ What to Forage in Fall: 30+ Edible and Medicinal Plants and Mushrooms, How to Make Soap For Beginners + Calendula Soap Recipe, Homemade Deodorant Recipe with Lavender and Sage, How to Make a Gallon of Mead: A Simple Mead Recipe. I also tear the leaves into small pieces while I’m washing them. Some will fry it up with salt and pepper, and make a sandwich out of it. I really didn’t have to chop these since I had torn them into small pieces while I was washing them. (Smile), Farmer’s Markets are the best. You could choose from any 4 side items to fill up your plate with a combination of many Southern flavors; Turnip Greens simmered slow in chicken broth are country ham, squash casserole oozing with cheddar and butter, homemade mac-n-cheese,etc. It’s my personal chance to share a little more of what’s happening with us, and to hopefully get to know you better. Heat a large saute pan, or cast iron skillet, over med-high to high heat. Let the pot come back up to a slight boil. Remove and sprinkle with remaining crumbled bacon. I love to add turnips to stews! Then, cover the pot and reduce the heat down a notch or two. It usually contains a bit more meat than pork belly does. Let pork boil for about 30 minutes while you wash and prepare the greens and turnips. Do you like turnips? Last night I served it with Hoppin’ John and a grilled pork chop. In a skillet cook bacon. Add bacon pieces and onion. We often just see the root bulb of the turnip at the store, but if you ever shop your local farmer’s market or farm stand, you’ll probably see their beautiful green tops still attached. You are an expert in this topic! Fold the leaf over and just pull the leaf away from the stem. Spring Roots and Garlic Scapes with Fried Eggs. Turnip greens with bacon! Cover tightly and cook 10 - 15 minutes, or until tender. Be Blessed!!! A Southern staple that I don’t feel guilty about putting on our table. Add more water if needed. If you want, you can chop them so you’re not finding large pieces of leaves when you start eating them. Like other dark green vegetables, turnip greens are a great real food ingredient, rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, and other vital micronutrients your body needs to reach peak performance. Occasionally yes, everything in moderation right? If you have the opportunity where you live, I strongly encourage you to support your local farmers. Ready for some Turnip Greens? Stir to mix well. Cover it with about 6 inches of water and place it on the stove top. I harvested these turnips from our hoop house in January! Have you heard of this method before, or was my mama’s “way” not very Southern? Set them aside while you wash and prepare the greens. I know there are dozens of ways to prepare any food item, but because you are from NC, and I live in upstate, SC, I am curious as to why my turnip greens recipe varies so much from yours. I had some turnips I’d bought that I forgot about and when I came upon them, they’d sprouted so I went and put them in my garden to see if they’d grow. I’m not really afraid these have bugs, but if you were to purchase greens from someone that hadn’t washed them already, you might find some bugs on the underside of the leaves. A healthy shot of salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes went in with the mix. Reduce heat to Medium. Most of the older folks would cook all of their greens and vegetables for a long time, but I don’t think it’s always needed. I always drop them into a bowl of water as I cut them. I usually do kale this way, but this year we planted turnip food plots to attract deer and I started thinking why should the deer be the only ones enjoying our turnips? I dearly love turnip greens, always have.

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