warhammer 40k largest ship

Thus, almost all existing Apocalypse-class Battleships keep their Lance armament limited to medium ranges unless under duress. The conduits powering the Lances and other sectors of the ship have become extremely unreliable over the millennia and in order to prevent a complete loss of power to the weapons, the power relays start to drain the ship of power and have to tap into the vessel's main Plasma Reactors to keep everything operating. The strategium contains the Hand of Dorn, supposedly the last remaining portion of the body of the Imperial Fists' primarch, which members of the Chapter renew their vows before. Its distinctive armoured "Aquila" prow gleams white with adamantium armour designed to protect the ship when ramming. All Imperial vessels capable of space travel are equipped with Plasma Drives. By the time the Indomitus Crusade began to mark the start of the Era Indomitus, Phalanx was badly damaged, much of its ancient technology nonfunctional or long-decayed. As of the very beginning of the Horus Heresy, the starship featured a gallery that displayed the battle honors of the Imperial Fists during the Great Crusade, which stretched for kilometres. The firepower it brings to battle is one for any Admiralto relish, but the technology is so ancient that few can operate it and fewer s… Even the name Terra was picked out among the heraldry, commemorating the part the Imperial Fists had played in the battle for the Emperor's Imperial Palace ten thousand standard years before at the Siege of Terra. An archivist's purpose was to maintain the enormous parchment rolls on which the deeds and histories of the Imperial Fists were recorded. The massive vessel was given as a gift to the Emperor of Mankind when Dorn was discovered near the Ice Hives of Inwit by his gene-father during the outset of the Great Crusade. These vast repositories of knowledge were maintained by the ship's archivists, a curious breed even by the standards of the Void Born. The cannon is massive and mounted on the prow of the vessel so that the battleship's drives can better brace the ship against the recoil when it fires. The fist symbol emblazoned on the prow was taller than the length of most Imperial spacecraft, proudly claiming that the starship belonged to the Imperial Fists Chapter, one of the most storied Space Marine Chapters in the history of the Imperium. An archivist therefore lived to record the deeds of those greater than him. The rows of fearsome Lance armament along the broadsides of the Apocalypse are its most distinctive feature. Every surface was clad in solid armour plating and every angle was covered by more torpedo tubes and Lance batteries than any Imperial battleship could muster. These include a structure of "towering forests of spires interlaced with flying buttresses" or a structure that leads observers to believe Phalanx "might have been a planetoid or minor moon. In this duty, the Apocalypse has proved itself to be everything the Imperial Navy could have wished for. Though most Segmentum battlefleets have several examples of the Apocalypse-class worthy of combat, they cannot be replaced. The battleship's Lance batteries can make short work of most vessels known to the Imperium, especially escorts, light cruisers and some types of cruiser. Its most potent weapon was the sheer awe that the golden Imperial eagle affixed to it inspired when it appeared in the night sky over a rebellious world. There is some questions if any such vessels are still in use. Thus, were Phalanx ever to direct its guns towards the Imperial Palace, the Custodians would enact veiled protocols that would see it scuttled before it could fire a shot. Turrets are the final weapon mounted on the Apocalypse-class worthy of mention. The secrets of Phalanx's construction are long-forgotten, though it is known that the Primarch Rogal Dorn brought it into the Emperor's service at the time of their first meeting, and it has performed proudly ever since.

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