when was the magic flute written

I rather like that: remember that the Sun temple is a male temple, a temple of the Sun: only men are allowed as Initiates. In the foreground are the doors of initiation, guarded by two Men in Armour. We must keep in mind that 200 years ago, the so-called supremacy of the white races was rarely questioned. The mountains pull back and the Queen appears on a throne of stars, accompanied by rumbling thunder. Mozart conducted from the harpsichord. Since 2003, the Vienna State Opera has offered a one-hour version of Die Zauberflöte for children on the day after the Vienna Opera Ball. He decides that an old wife is better than no wife, and the woman reveals herself to be the youthful feathered Papagena! Bergman must have reached a new, serene assurance to have tackled this sensuous, luxuriant opera that has bewildered so many stage directors, and to have brought it off so unaffectedly. Tamino tames some bears with his Magic Flute, in Julie Taymor’s production of, Stories of the Great Operas and their Composers, The Magic Flute Unveiled: Esoteric Symbolism in Mozart's Masonic Opera, O zitt're nicht...Zum Leiden bin ich auserkoren. Starts off the opera as the good woman and ends as the (mostly) bad woman. The characters are deliberately chosen to demonstrate and underline this main theme, but in themselves, they are totally subordinate to the main idea: the soul’s advancement through initiation. [12], Evidon suggests that the characters of Frid and Petra in Bergman's 1955 film Smiles of a Summer Night, and Johan and Alma in his Hour of the Wolf (1968) pre-figure his conception of Papageno and Papagena, and Tamino and Pamina respectively in The Magic Flute. Böhm heads the Berlin Phil, and has Fritz Wunderlich as Tamino and the love-him-or-hate-him Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau as Papageno. Suddenly, the Tree Ladies appear, seemingly out of nowhere. He is not exactly what you would term an intellectual. In the aria, the soprano must hit a high F over and over again. What we needed were warm, sensuous voices that had personality. Schikaneder was Papageno and Mozart’s sister-in-law Josepha Hofer was the Queen of the Night. The Three Boys, or Higher Genii, have guided Tamino to the gates of Sarastro’s temple complex. It is almost as if the character of Papageno was invented to illustrate this point. So we might say that trumpets belong to the Sphere of Gevurah on the Tree of Life, and trombones belong to the Sphere of Chesed. How long will the footprints on the moon last? It’s rather like opening Lodge, declaring that everything that is to take place therein will be under the protection of the Light, under the protection of the Most High, whatever name you choose to recognize It by. One of the priests arrives and chides him, telling him that if he goes on like this, he will never attain to the celestial joy of the Initiates. The overture of The Magic Flute is different, however: not a single bar of it is taken from the opera itself. The film was reviewed from a musical perspective by Richard Evidon, who paid Bergman the compliment of praising the film as a realization of Mozart's own vision (cf. The Priests come back and curse the Ladies, who disappear through a trap door. The work was premiered just two months before the composer’s premature death on December 5. ✨ #Onthisday in 1791 Mozart's The Magic Flute had its premiere in Vienna. In the language of the Mysteries, this means that in order to become eligible for Initiation, we must have reached the point where we have mastered the exoteric sciences, which train our minds and give us the tools to understand the inner knowledge. She appears in her daughter’s chamber and calls upon her to kill Sarastro and to hand her the powerful Disc of the Sun. And that is very, very important indeed. The best overall recording, for sound, conducting, and cast, is probably Claudio Abbado leading the Mahler Chamber Orchestra, from 2006. There are three Temples—to Reason, to Wisdom, and to Nature—to start the second act of the opera, and there are numerous other examples. It is noted for its prominent Masonic elements, although some scholars hold that the masonic influence is exaggerated. Women were forbidden from joining the Masons, but Mozart, in a mildly progressive move, didn't care. It premiered on 30th September 1791 – roughly three months before he died at the age of 35. Tamino and Papageno led one way by Priests, Pamina taken into the Temple by Sarastro. This is basically the whole story. It is also very important to keep in mind that a Prince is an educated person. True. Tamino plays his flute, and Pamina is attracted by its sounds. As Masons, Schikaneder and Mozart must have been familiar with basic occult history and symbology; elements of the Kabbalah and of Alchemy were certainly known to them. The Three Ladies, after some debate, all decide to return to the temple to inform the Queen of the Night, so the Prince is just left there, but not for long. (Sorry to say, but most opera houses today, opt for other modes of transport.) We do not see the actual tests – they remain secret and withdrawn – but finally Tamino and Pamina emerge from the cave and the stage transforms into a brightly lit hall. However, beneath the surface, it is also an allegory of the quest for wisdom and enlightenment as presented through symbols of Freemasonry (Mozart and Schikaneder were both Freemasons). The subject of this lecture is “Die Zauberflöte” or “The Magic Flute”, written in 1791 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. So what we are seeing here is the Yesodic subconscious level disciplining the instincts. [31] In her review in The New Yorker, Kael wrote: Ingmar Bergman's film version of The Magic Flute is a blissful present, a model of how opera can be filmed.

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