is being a veterinarian sad

I wasn’t sure what school to go to (I live in Kansas City, KS) or if there were any available at the time. Many people dream of being a veterinarian. When the day is done, my calls are made and my notes are complete, I sit back and think, “I get to come back again and do this all over tomorrow!” and I feel I am very lucky to do so. Edit: to answer your other question: four years of vet school, 7 or more (now a days often 9) if you want to specialize and take a residency. Every animal is different, so there’s no one-size-fits-all number of hours of sleep that would signal dog depression. I would just like to know how it was going through vet school, what kind of classes you took, pros and cons of school and as a vet, clinicals, how many years does it take to finish school, etc. Pay for veterinary technicians is very modest, compared to the much higher salaries earned by veterinarians. But the requirements for being a veterinarian go way beyond having boundless puppy (or parrot) love. Learn why your dog usually follows you everywhere (even the bathroom). Veterinarians who own their own practices have to worry about utility bills, printer paper and staff salaries, just like any other company. Handling animals' serious conditions and performing life-saving procedures aren't all a veterinarian does, though. All of his tests came back normal. She’s also currently developing a version for canned cat food. This is especially true for exotic animals. With a little time and attention, though, your pet should snap out of it and warm up to its new surroundings. and euthanasia (way too sad). There are specific fields you can enter where you don’t need to deal with owners (laboratory medicine, the government, lots more) but ultimately you have to work with people and please some kind of target audience but I guess that’s the same as all jobs. “Your vet wants what’s right for the pets and will do his or her best to work with you,” he says. But I honestly didn’t think I could handle the not-so-pretty aspects of veterinary medicine, like surgery (gross!) you don’t need to care for any animal you don’t want to care for. I suppose that is the definition of being a professional: the ability to perform your job with skill even under duress. Tetanus is fortunately extremely rare, but its effects are horrible to see and, for this dog, it was fatal. I am glad to be a “seasoned” veterinarian now. So no, you don’t need to work with spiders if you don’t want to. Although he always loved animals, Dr. Klein spent his early working years working in the corporate world. “It could be that their favorite thing in the world was to throw a tennis ball, and all of a sudden they don’t want to do that,” says Virginia-based veterinarian Katy Nelson, DVM. Depression shouldn’t be your first thought if your dog has always been aggressive, but a cuddly pooch that suddenly snaps might be telling you something’s wrong. Who would come back to see a doctor who was crying? I was thinking of going into criminal justice or veterinary school years ago, but I went into the path of being a registered nurse which I now am. You’ll get a much better first impression before doing anything life changing and you’ll be able to continue your craft as an RN in case yo decide to stay. They’re like nurses but for animals if I’m not mistaken). To help maintain a balance for herself, Dr. Nielsen spends her downtime doing things that make her happy: training for marathons (she hopes to complete one on every continent) and planning her return to competitive horseback riding. Don’t have the money to treat you pet? The diagnosis could now be made. Dr. Nielsen, who considers guinea pigs to be one of her favorite pets to treat, explains, “with guinea pigs and other small ones, sometimes you have to get creative in helping them, and you are not always sure it will work.”, Dr. Nielsen says that it’s this kind of challenge, and the successful treatment outcomes, that are “what makes the job so worthwhile and means no day will ever be boring.”. Unlike some professions where you never know how your work contributes to society or see who it affects, veterinarians know the care they provide directly impacts the animals they treat. Hire a dog walker or ask the usual walker to add another walk to your pet’s schedule, suggests Dr. Nelson. The problem with this situation is the logistics. It wasn’t until after watching a veterinarian treat a horse’s leg for a laceration that she realized wanted to pursue veterinary medicine. What to do with your pet during isolation, Lyndale, Whittier, Cedar-Isles-Dean see highest COVID-19 case rates in Southwest, Neighbors pitch in to help Harriet Brasserie, Bars, restaurants and gyms shutter under new COVID regulations. Why I Hate Being a Veterinarian. Being a vet is similar to being a detective. personally, I would stick with your nursing degree and work/volunteer at a shelter as a hobby. Part of this growth comes from the willingness of pet owners to pay more for veterinary care than in the past. For some reason, it is not twice as sad to see two little bodies instead of one, but exponentially so. I have been in practice for 20 years now and have diagnosed all manner of cancers, orthopedic issues, skin problems and metabolic disorders. if you love animals and want to be hands on with care and money is not an issue, be a veterinary nurse. If you get too caught up in your feelings, you can become paralyzed and not perform your job well. A dog with depression might start tearing up the couch or growling when you touch it. Submitted photo, What to expect when you put down your pet. Being a veterinarian is not all about cuddling puppies and kittens all day. These vets often report that one of the pros of being a vet is the great job satisfaction that comes from having flexibility and control over the level of care their patients receive, as reported in the article “Rewards eventually outweigh challenges of a new practice.” The article quotes Dr. Jennifer Lesser, who says "The level of care; the physical environment, everything is a reflection of who you are as a person.” Lesser also cites the flexibility of owning your own veterinary practice, saying she can take paperwork home and work as late she needs to. “If dogs have anxiety issues, they could be doing more compulsive-looking behaviors that can be self-soothing,” she says. From completing undergraduate and graduate veterinary training to building courage and emotional strength, there is much more to becoming a veterinarian than meets the eye. He even incorporated Alison’s name into the name of his practice as a tribute to her spirit in serving the pets and people of Brooklyn. The downside of it that I didn’t like about it, was learning from their dead bodies (what I was told), dissecting them and what not. Two small poodles who grew up together and in old age were both very sick. Look out for these 15 other signs your dog is secretly mad at you. With a little more time in school, you can become a veterinarian. That part is harder. “The balance of life is very important in this [line of] work because there is often so much compassion fatigue,” says Dr. Nielsen. When a vet saves an animal’s life or cures the animal of pain or other symptoms, he not only restores the pet’s well-being, he also restores the well-being of the animal's human companions, who often consider their pets another family member. Dr. Bales’ decision to become a veterinarian required a lot of work before she even got to veterinary school. Once it starts getting the freedom it craves, your pet might slowly get its energy back. Josh Hestermann “ Veterinary practice, of course, has its sad life. While veterinarians also deal with paperwork and finances, especially if they run their own practice, the bulk of their time is spent interacting with their animal patients and seeking solutions to restore them to health. For extremely difficult or rarer cases, the option to refer the pet to a specialist is available, but if you want to become one of these doctors, you’ll have to remain in school for even longer than a “regular” vet. That includes needy, self-entitled, googling, emotional, demanding, rude people. While it’s not a common symptom of dog depression, it isn’t unheard of, says Dr. Ryan. Animals don’t just lick themselves to get clean; sometimes they use the action to make themselves feel better. Tbh, I still think about going back to school and become a vet or a nurse/tech (I’m not sure what they’re called. (Personal opinion) buuuut money is always a factor and an RN gets paid way more than an RVT. If your dog doesn’t show its usual eagerness for its favorite food or even loses weight, it might be experiencing depression, says Russell Hartstein, a celebrity dog trainer with Fun Paw Care Los Angeles. Dealing with owner neglect and indifference. A depressed or sad dog won’t have the same energy levels that it used to, and its usual playtime and exercise won’t excite your pet as much. That part is harder. That said, here are some things your dog actually hates. Don’t be surprised if your dog has been acting strange ever since you moved homes. Being a veterinarian is not glamorous. There are many reasons a veterinarian career is worthwhile. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks veterinary medicine as one of the fastest-growing occupations in the United States.

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