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("The Thing You Love Most", "Snow Drifts"), The Dark Star Pharmacy first appears in the ninth episode of the first season of Once Upon a Time. It is the home of the nuns and their leader, Mother Superior. Note: May be spoilery for a few episodes. W.R. Miller (Writer/Illustrator/Storyboard Artist) found and featured our Storybrooke Map page on his cool blog: http://wrmilleronline.com/the-secret-of-storybrooke-maine-2/. Storybrooke Savings & Loan = Coast Capital Savings. And next to the garage is la Tandoor Restaurant??? Sheriff Graham asks deputy Emma to take the night patrol during one day of the week in which he needs to help out a sick dog at the shelter since the veterinarian will not be available. Hey I'm a big fan of the show and I really want something to be apart of in my spare time! It is amazing! She works on refurnishing and cleaning up the place in the hopes of opening it one day. Shortley after we decided that we became inactive and just didn't bother to touch it, but now we're back and bigger than ever. However, this curse was eventually broken by Emma Swan, returning everyone's fairytale selves. The Blanchard Apartment first appears in the second episode of the first season of Once Upon a Time. ("The New Neverland"), The Hopper Psychiatry Office first appears in the second episode of the first season of Once Upon a Time. Now broadcasting : Funtazer's First Fiverr Job, Minecraft Airship and Cake She admits that the sketches that Emma stole from her office were inspired by Henry's story book. Instead, Emma successfully ran and was elected to the position of town sheriff. It houses an imprisoned creature who guards a "fail-safe" hidden in Snow White's coffin that can destroy Storybrooke. Sheriff’s Office = Old Lynn Valley Library A new site that Ken found that shows other OUAT filming locations on maps: http://moviemaps.org/movies/h7. Article link Here, Storybrooke Town Hall = Fort Langley Community Hall OUAT – We have been featured in W.R. Miller’s blog! The action alternates between two main settings: a fantastical world where fairy tales happen; and a seaside town in Maine invented for the show, called Storybrooke. North Vancouver Location: Henry is distraught, because he had hidden his storybook there, but apparently a storm had washed it away. Okay so this project has ben inactive for a. The dungeon cave of the clock tower which is only accessible by an elevator car with one person operating the switch to take a second person down. Sorry for the mislead re: Seppo. The house of Regina, which is decorated in a white palette wallpaper adorned with many mirrors. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. (November 3, 2015). This convenience store is owned by Mr. Clark and is often the place residents go to pick up everyday supplies. Just sayin’, Big thanks to Ken and his incredible info and “on location” help with this list. ("Pilot", "The Queen Is Dead"), The Storybrooke Library first appears in the fourth episode of the second season of Once Upon a Time. Click here to learn more. ("Skin Deep", "The Crocodile"), Granny's Bed and Breakfast first appears in the first episode of the first season of Once Upon a Time. Ken’s note: Storybrooke Animal Shelter should be Storybrooke Pet Shelter. Added 1/19 Sara’s Ice Cream spotted in “True North” in-between Storybrooke Hardware and Paint and Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop. View of where the Google View photo was taken: See picture of Henry’s “castle” set during filming: The Rabbit Hole is the back entrance to red brick Pieces Gift (Purbeck Shoes) building. COVID-19 update: Richmond businesses are following BC’s Restart Plan, and implementing health and safety practices to help ensure everyone’s safety. Storybrooke is a small town in Maine which is home to many fairytale characters. this is awesome. Did you know that Steveston plays Storybrooke in the TV series Once Upon a Time? In a hidden vault beneath this crypt, Regina stores a collection hearts, which were brought along when she first came to Storybrooke. 014 OUAT First Thoughts – An Apple Red as Blood, 019 FAM OUAT Main Show - Pinocchio Party with VMs from Geppetto and young Pinocchio and more. I hate to sound so nerdy, but I am looking into building a model Rail Road with storybrooke in it, yet the problem I have is putting it all together. The small town of Storybrooke in the ABC hit TV series Once Upon a Time is actually the neighbourhood of Steveston in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. But, of course, should you or any member of your I.M. David ,,,,, yes La Tandoor (Indian) Restaurant is next to the Marine Garage. ("The New Neverland", "Going Home"), The Storybrooke Dock first appears in the fourteenth episode of the first season of Once Upon a Time. ("The Return", "Dreamy"), August goes to the convent willing to get advice from Mother Superior on approaching his father, who he said goodbye to years ago. I apologize I just realized I didn't have you whitelisted, 1. I may have to recruit Inspectors Gadget and Clouseau …. All rights reserved. It is also the location of Regina's mayoral office with an apple tree behind the building. Seppo’s Automotive is the name of the auto shop in real life (Seppo is the owners first name). . A local bar scene frequented by the townspeople, such as Ashley, Keith, Lacey, Mary Margaret, Mr. Clark and Ruby. http://www.tvguide.com/News/Once-Upon-Time-Spoilers-Kitsis-Horowitz-ABC-1060428.aspx, https://abc-once-upon-a-time.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Locations/Storybrooke_Locations?oldid=7693. Frequently asked questions about the 'Real Storybrooke.'. ), Northside of Moncton St. heading west to east We're accepting anyone no matter how good of a builder they are cause we'll find something for you! OUAT - Learn how to create great OUAT character costumes yourself. Front of Mary Margaret’s House Google Map View Link: Here. Does the garage belong to Geppetto? In background shots – Jolene Arts and Crafts becomes Crafts N’ More: http://www.historicplaces.ca/en/rep-reg/image-image.aspx?id=2421#i1, http://www.newwestcity.ca/database/rte/files/403%20St_%20George%20St.pdf, Article on OUAT shoots in Fort Langley.

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